January 15, 2012

12 Trainer Tracy Anderson Workout sheets

Found here on Yeowzers Blog

Sculpt a Tight Butt

Score Sexy Clevage

Sculpt Strong Sexy Arms

Get a Sexy Stomach

Shrink Your Waist

Thigh-Slimming Secrets
Tighten Up Your Butt

Erase Arm Flab-Fast

Slim Your Waist

Your Inner Thighs, Toned and Sexy-Now

Our 24-Hour Tone-Up

Cellulite, Schmellulite


  1. Hello. I am a new follower. I found you thru a web search and I have probably pinned some of your stuff on Pinterest. I used to do the Tracy Anderson mat workout but went thru a bout of illness for a couple of years. I'm trying to get healthy again. Basically I want to kick butt again. So thanks for posting the workouts!

  2. I recently started my yoga classes because some body guide me yoga is more effective workout to improve the physical fitness and mental abilities.
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  4. Thanks for the information!

  5. The squat is one of the most important exercises you can perform in bodybuilding because it truly does massively develop the lower muscles. It can also help with dealing with stretch marks. The thighs and butt are both targeted with this exercise which makes it perfect for those concerned about stretch marks.

  6. Good job getting back on track scrappy. The Tracy Anderson workout sheets are pretty thorough and all you need to get started. Nothing fancy and it'll still work. I usually at this with a warm up jog down the street or a quick afg treadmill run at home depending on the weather and time.

    The toned inner thigh workout is great. Especially when you're jogging or running.

    Thanks for the post!

  7. anyone know how to print these out so I can pin on wall and fridge ??



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